Glueless Screwless Joints

These pictures are showing details such as joints and materials used in my furniture range. The goal has been to optimise the machines capabilities to enable a screwless and glueless constructing method using precisely engineered joints and cuts.

The Face Of Andreas Nydahl

Andreas Nydahl


I am originally from Stockholm in Sweden. I have an engineering background which has added to my interests in finding intelligent solutions of optimising joints as well as reducing the amount of materials used. I started studying Product Design in Australia which I am now about to conclude at Middlesex University, London

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I have gained great knowledge in 2D graphics and 3D modelling through my 1 year placement as a 3D Artist.
On top of my studies I have my own company through which I freelance and distribute my Sinus lamp.


Andreas’s Exhibition Information.

The main goal of this project has been  to use Machine led design to create a product or range of products using engineering building blocks and screwless and glueless joints.
The approach was to use visible and hidden friction joints that are enhancing the look and feel of the product.

The engineered constructing method have been optimised in order for variation in material, shape and style that has lead to a personalised machine led Aesthetics; creating bespoke furniture.

  • The Manufacturing Process
  • The Material

The design process and the shape of the products have all been  dependent with the capabilities of the machines.

The Products have all first been drawn up in 3D Program checking that there is no interference detected between all different parts. This is crucial because the tolerance needs to be very accurate in order for all the friction joints to work.

For more information of the Manufacturing Process have a look at the Video showing how the Parallam table was cut and assembled.

The material chosen for the exhibition is an engineered wood called Parallam beam PSM and is most commonly used in the building industry for construction work. The Wood has a very interesting grain structure and is not commonly used for furniture construction.

This decision of material is done to further emphasise the possibilities that can be undertaken with the capabilities of the modern machines.

For more information about the wood press this link.